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Gamification as a weapon against shopper apathy

Why should grocery retailers consider using gamification? A recent survey confirmed that 41% of consumers like to win prizes and that 32% like to receive surprises from a brand (HelloWorld 2019 Loyalty Barometer Report). Therefore, using gamification as a technique to connect with shoppers should be a logical choice. To fully understand why it can be such an effective tool, it is worth considering the wider context of some of the challenges that grocery retailers [...]

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How to apply gamification in retail

The right application of gamification in retailers’ shopper engagement can drive substantial commercial benefits. Most often if you do things right, it should have a positive outcome so the sentence above might not be truly controversial. You might actually say that the real controversy lies in what the right application means. What is the right way to apply gamification in a retail context? This is what I will expand on further. I will examine the [...]

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Delhaize in Serbia rewards customers with a Gametation campaign at Christmas

Maxi and Shop&Go in Serbia promoting their Gametation Christmas campaign with TV advertising. An effective explanation of how the campaign works, a clear CTA and great exposure for supplier partners. Our first campaign for the Ahold Delhaize Group, the campaign is focused on two key business objectives. Firstly, to drive additional traffic into stores in the crucial pre-Christmas trading period and attract the associated sales generated. Secondly, to offer a media asset to suppliers partnering [...]

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