Evaluating the value and ROI of marketing campaigns is hugely important today. The power of digital has increased the focus on delivering measurable results in order to be able to assess the impact of campaigns.

Clients derive value from Gametation campaigns in a variety of ways – primarily from footfall, brand & product exposure and the capture of consumer data & marketing permissions. There is an immediate impact on frequency and sales (footfall) and brand perception as well as the longer-term benefits from the campaign impact on the relationship with consumers and the influence on brand loyalty.

A big challenge for digital marketing historically has been to demonstrate a measurable effect in the physical world, i.e. the tangible impact of digital marketing on in-store sales. A number of key players in the digital market has addressed this recently (https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/297302/xad-introduces-cost-per-visit-in-store-ad-pricing.html). We measure the in-store traffic generated by offering prizes and deals that can only be redeemed in-store using our software’s unique redemption functionality. We can measure in-store traffic generated from the campaign without needing to integrate with a client’s POS-system.

To identify the fiscal value of the footfall created by a gamification campaign, we collaborate with our clients to evaluate their sales data. We can also run in-game surveys, where we can establish more detail about additional purchases that users make when they redeem prizes or in-campaign deals.

Our clients get extensive value out of users engaging fully with the game experience in a Gametation campaign. We track views and clicks on in-game products and ad screens – and these can be compared to similar exposures on other digital media sources e.g. Facebook. The value of the brand exposure for our clients can be further measured using Net-Promoter-Score or similar frameworks.

Clients continue to get value from a Gametation campaign long after the campaign has ended. Depending on the client objectives, campaigns are tailored to encourage users to share their data, to opt-in to give permission to be contacted with marketing and to become social media followers. This enables clients to build a long-term relationship with users to foster brand loyalty, influence brand preference and shopping behaviour.

Depending on the local market, the investment required to gain access to client data and get marketing permissions can be significant and therefore the leads generated from campaigns are of high value. This can be in the form of email permissions, SMS permissions, app downloads or social media followers – at the end of the day this is up to the individual preference of our clients. The value of the leads generated depends on the local market rate for the different types of leads.

The full value of a Gametation solution includes both the traffic driven to stores, the media exposure generated by the game plays and the leads collected for enriching a CRM-database or recruiting to social media. All results should be tracked and included in an ROI calculation that demonstrates the win-win for our clients.