* New white paper *

Running retail gamification campaigns with a prize fund raises many issues surrounding prize management and in-store prize redemption. Not least because a prize fund consisting of a high number of low-value prizes can have a considerable financial value. Gametation has spent years developing a solution that reaps the maximum sales benefits for retailers of offering a large prize fund whilst at the same time making it simple to integrate in-store and with minimized risk from fraud.

Our white paper outlines key features of our solution including:

• Why we use sms messages for secure prize redemption
• How we derive maximum footfall and sales from the available prize pool
• Practical solutions for integrating our system into retailer POS and in-store stock management systems
• Ways we make prize redemption easy for the retailer employees to manage but secure
• How we mitigate fraud and maximise security on campaigns

If you would like to receive a copy of the white paper by email, please contact us at hello@gametation.com