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Measuring the impact and ROI of a retail gamification campaign

Evaluating the value and ROI of marketing campaigns is hugely important today. The power of digital has increased the focus on delivering measurable results in order to be able to assess the impact of campaigns. Clients derive value from Gametation campaigns in a variety of ways – primarily from footfall, brand & product exposure and the capture of consumer data & marketing permissions. There is an immediate impact on frequency and sales (footfall) and brand [...]

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Gamification as a media opportunity

The growth in mobile advertising It is not new news that mobile usage is growing and neither therefore is it any surprise that there was over 20% increase in the mobile advertising spend between 2015 and 20161. This trend shows no sign of slowing down either. In the US alone, 28% of consumers time is spend on their mobiles but mobile accounts for 21% of the total internet advertising spend2 i.e. there is undoubtedly further [...]

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