Why are micro moments important?

Gametation Blog:Why are micro moments important?

Why are micro moments important?

Google talks a lot about mobile micro moments. Consumers spend 170+ minutes a day on their mobiles and each visit lasts on average around a minute. Couple that with the fact that 87% of people say that they have their smartphones at their side day and night and that 68% of people check their mobiles within 15 minutes of waking, this gives you 2 marketing challenges. Firstly, this makes mobile the most important channel for reaching your audiences. Secondly, you have a really short window for grabbing their attention. You need to fight hard to cut through all the other brands desperate to own that moment.

Consumers are looking at their mobiles sometimes for information but often also for entertainment; they welcome distraction. In a world where people’s attention spans are low, our campaigns offer people daily a 20-second chance to play a game and win. The winning is key. We want to grab consumers’ hearts as well as their minds. People are naturally competitive and the chance to win keeps you coming back hoping to get that feel-good buzz. 40% of people play our games within an hour of waking up and about 40% around midnight when their new chance to play becomes available. Hooking people in day after day is what delivers valuable opportunities to deliver brand messages, upsell and cross-sell services and recruit new digital users.

Brands are investing heavily in digital marketing to grab their share of these micro moments. On Facebook alone the average investment in the US to get one digital advert clicked is around $1.70 and the click through rate is on average only 0.9%. On Google AdWords, the investment to get one advert click is between $1 and $2. Our campaigns see an average advert click through rate of 4-7% and a range of other ways to give brand and product exposure. Brands need to find new cost effective ways to reach consumers that deliver a good return on investment.

Get in touch and find out more about how Gametation’s gamification campaigns can make the most of those micro moments for your brand.

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