What do we mean by gamification?

Gametation Blog:What do we mean by gamification?

What do we mean by gamification?

Gamification has become a bit of a buzz word. So much so that we almost tried to avoid using it for a while. The reality however is that it does summarise exactly what we do at Gametation and we may as well embrace it. We strongly believe that gamification brings engagement and engagement brings results. That is the foundation of our offer.  This post is all about explaining what we mean by that.

Gamification is so much more than the process of building a game.  Gamification is about taking some of the elements that motivate us when we play games and using these different triggers in a marketing campaign. We need to deliver campaigns that take a consumer willingly on a journey from point A to point B; where point B is centred around a clear set of client objectives.

This means that our number one priority when we start working with a client is about identifying the objectives that the gamification campaign is trying to solve and how we will measure campaign performance.  What do we want consumers to do when they participate and what behaviour will we value most?

We need to appeal to many different deep-rooted psychological needs in us all.  We need to appeal to people’s natural competitiveness and their desire to be rewarded and recognised. We need to make people feel that the goals are achievable and that they have some control over the outcome.  We offer a series of levers in our campaigns that are all about recognising these basic motivators. We need to make campaigns easy to understand and simple to participate in but rewarding enough that people will keep coming back over a series of weeks or months.

So, what elements of gaming do we use to motivate people to behave the way we want them to? Firstly, simply by offering consumers a ‘game’ they instinctively associate it with downtime, some fun, a bit like the breaks in your school day as a child.  In a world of relentless bombardment of information and stress, everyone is craving some downtime and a moment to themselves.  Secondly, achieving a goal in a game experience gives you a rush of dopamine, that feel good feeling when something nice happens in your life.  We all like that feeling and we would like to repeat it, hence why we are likely to come back for more and why gamification provides a strong emotional hook.

We need to know when to use which gamification levers and to do so we need to always consider things from the user perspective as well as the client goals.  Our philosophy at Gametation is very much about allowing users to opt in to experiences rather than to opt out.  We design campaigns so that there is a minimum barrier to entry.  If we want consumers to give something of themselves, we think we should first give them some kind or rewarding experience and earn the right to ask for something in return. We offer consumers a chance to have fun and win something and in return our clients get rewarded with footfall into stores, sales, insights and data.

It is a common misconception that the winning in our campaigns is what counts but if we simply made everyone win, we wouldn’t deliver the same impact. It is the desire to win that is a motivator.  Losing is important as it makes you hungry to do better and determined to chase the winning experience.

Gamification for us is all about delivering campaigns that motivate a large volume of consumers and designing them so that they come back repeatedly and get rewarded for doing so.  We focus on the human experience and their emotional needs because without finding ways to generate interest and excitement in consumers, it is very hard to make people do something they don’t want to do. For us, gamification is about finding ways of making consumers want to give you the things that our clients value.  It is about mutual benefits and delivering simultaneously for both consumers, our clients and sponsors.

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