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How to apply gamification in retail

The right application of gamification in retailers’ shopper engagement can drive substantial commercial benefits. Most often if you do things right, it should have a positive outcome so the sentence above might not be truly controversial. You might actually say that the real controversy lies in what the right application means. What is the right [...]

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Project Manager – 10 months maternity cover with potential to extend

There is a great opportunity in our team to work as a Project Manager running gamification campaigns for international clients. Is this something for you? The role is 10 months’ maternity cover and it’s a good chance to flex your muscles in international project management and gain some broad experience working with our global network. [...]

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Measuring the impact and ROI of a retail gamification campaign

Evaluating the value and ROI of marketing campaigns is hugely important today. The power of digital has increased the focus on delivering measurable results in order to be able to assess the impact of campaigns. Clients derive value from Gametation campaigns in a variety of ways – primarily from footfall, brand & product exposure and [...]

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